Best and worst things about living in halls

Best and worst things about living in halls

Best and worst things about living in halls

The noise


It will be noisy from the first night you get there until your last hour. Students are known to throw parties, have people over, leave and go back into their rooms at odd hours so get used to it. If you love to sleep, invest in a good pair of earplugs or if you want to study, get to the library, it’s probably quieter there. Also, be mindful of your own noise. Try to reduce noise anyway you can. If you can hear the guy next door talking on the phone then he can probably hear you. Try to shut doors quietly and if you come in at odd hours try to be as silent as possible.

The mess


It will get messy. It will get so messy you won’t even know how it got that messy. Everyone’s washing up habits are different and there is always people who are messier than others. The uni will probably not give you a dishwasher either so expect to wash things by hand. Some weeks will be messier than others. Your housemates (or even you) will throw parties and will go out drinking and the flat will invariably be messier at those times.

Try to always wash up after yourself and remember to do stuff like washing the stove after you’re done cooking. Simple things you can insert into your routine that can go a long way when it comes to keeping things clean.

Fire Drills


Fire drills are very loud and often very early. Normally, universities carry one out every term. Sometimes someone will burn pizza or toast and the fire alarm will go off for real. Better be safe than sorry and get out of bed.


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You’ll see new people all the time. When I was in uni we’d go into halls just to spread around flyers for parties. Soon enough you’ll start recognizing faces.

It might seem chaotic and messy for the first few weeks but you’ll adjust rather easily and if you don’t refer back to the earplugs advice.



You might get on with everyone on your flat or you might not! Either way, you will fight with someone on your flat at a given point. It might be for the most absurd or the most serious reason. A student once told us his flatmate stole from him!

Being civil is key. When you start screaming you lose whatever reason you might have had. See if you can come to a compromise and if needed, just stop the fight and cool down for a few minutes.

But there are positive notes alongside all the negatives. Living in halls is an experience all in itself and we always need to take the good with the bad.


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Living in halls is a great social experience and you can be sure that all of your flat mates will be going through the same fears and joys as you. It’s probably the first time for all of you living somewhere on your own and you can bond with your flatmates through it. Don’t be afraid to ask for support if needed. They will most likely relate and understand you.

Security and Maintenance


Since your university or a private company owns the halls you can be sure that if something breaks someone will be right over to fix it. This means that you won’t have to deal with cheap landlords that take months fixing something. In most halls there’s also security available 24/7 meaning that you will feel a bit safer and probably your parents will be happier.


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Halls are all about the location. They’re close to uni, which means that you can enjoy a few extra minutes in bed every morning before your lectures. They’re also usually close to the city centre meaning that you’ll be able to go out and not worry about biking home!